Wednesday 29 August, 2007

In the traffic

Today, I missed Novell bus and took the BMTC bus. It was totally fun in the traffic today. I guess - people's problem in the traffic is not only that they are reaching late to their destinations, but there are some more I guess. Some I feel and some I read from their feelings are like
- if the person find that vehicles in his lane are not moving, he will be very much disappointed and will be scolding the driver like why this fellow is driving like this? what happened to this driver's lane only while other lanes moves fast :) And, when his lane is not moving and if driver takes other lane and if the first lane moves naa, gone case, he will be very very disappointed
- more over than this, they feel disappointed that other lanes are moving. and if his lane moves and crosses some other vehicles in other lanes, he will be the happiest.
And, also, he feels down because the vehicle stopped. Its not moving. So, we can have some sort of mechanism where people in vehicles feel that his vehicle is moving and we will close all the windows so that he can't see outside world :)
But, still, we won't solve the problem that he is reaching his destination late. But, he can be made mentally satisfied.
What a JUNK blog naa???? :D :)

Tuesday 14 August, 2007

What the HELL is happening on this Earth? :-(

Series of :-c, :-< and :-|| events