Tuesday 21 October, 2008

Difference between prototypes

Wats the difference between prototypes
- T &operator[](size_t index);
- const T &operator[](size_t index) const;


Saturday 23 August, 2008

- Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_STRING
Almost always a missing semicolon! Look at the line directly above the line error is reported.

- Some webservers have a problem regarding the "submit" input type names, for ex, submit_btn.

- CAPTCHA implementation through PHP.. http://www.lagom.nl/linux/hkcaptcha/

This is one post which I thought I will be updating as I find anything interesting in internet.. managed to do it for that day, and failed to continue it.. Very bad :(

Looks like, I missed my september post.. Its better to be empty rather than to have some junk like above..

Is it so??? NO

Wednesday 20 August, 2008

This And... That

Finally, MegaStar Chiranjeevi released the news to press that he is entering politics. He is going to create new type of politics in Andhra i.e., positive politics. Hoping he will get support and do some good work. He is saying that
"Present politicians are doing good but he feels that its not reaching the poor and poor becoming poorer and rich becoming richer." Isn't this show positive politics? Usually, in the politics, we observe one party saying bad about other parties.

Chiranjeevi Zindaabaaad..

- Went to home on last weekend. Was completely at home for complete 2 and half days.. Not even went to the neighbor's house.. :) Good

Thought of writing lot of things.. but sorry.. forgot about them.. and will gather the things regarding the technical learnings that happened last month to put in my next blog.. :) and finally one tip that may be useful

Hair Care
Below are some that I collected from my friends.. no idea how effective they are..
- if waana to apply oil, apply after head bath and drying your hair.. instead of applying after your hair got dust..
- Make sure that your hair is oily before head bath
- Eat mussambi fruits rather than having its juice

Saturday 9 August, 2008

Digitally Surrounded

Went to attend a marriage in Andhra last week.. I was feeling lonely and fear also, as suddenly, I was alone, where as usually, surrounded with lot of people. Nothing to worry, I can manage. But, once I reached that station in marriage place, I got lot of energy as that was the place I used to stay alone through out the night waiting for dawn to catch bus. So, this trip became my eye opener and made me to collect those memories and made me to remember my work.

But, still, no need to fear.. U r rounded up with so many.. :)

Friday 11 July, 2008

My experiments with vmware.

Tried vmware on SLES 9 SP3 (no one on this earth might be using that as their desktop). I know I'm weird as my box disk usage at 98% utilization and having very poor work environment. vmware is working if I have one bridge configured on one physical ethernet card. When I try configuring bridges on multiple cards, it works, but, once I restart the vmware or the box, I'm losing those bridges. But, ps -aef was showing me somethings regarding vmnet-bridge. With the help of my friends at office, found that ifconfig doesn't show the bridge networks and ps -aef only shows the bridge networks. Done lot of junk by uninstalling and installing rpms, changing some files and all, so finally, it moved into a state where I can't install or uninstall the rpms.
Finally, found that SLES 9 SP3 have issues with vmware.
So, just rebooted into my SLED 10 partition which I installed a year ago (and upto now, I was using this partition as my data server) and tried my luck there with vmware. Here, I'm not able to activate both of my network cards at a time. It is allowing me to have only one active card and now working with only bridge.

Sunday 1 June, 2008

SmartTechie Startup conf details

Attended a conference called SmartTechie Startup some time last week.. (Friend told me about this and finally ditched also.. I guess these 2 words goes as synonyms.. Had a similar ditching experience with different fellow in the same week) Conference was a nice, informative one.. ofcourse its boring also. You get lot of funda and you will get sleep and I slept after lunch :) In the morning, there were some sessions and a closing session keynote was from RK Misra the "Lead India" programme winner. There was a session on Cloud Computing by an Amazon guy. He explained what it is and why and all stuff. One point worth mentioning here is - "Can you see the big elephant in the room?". He wants to say that there are lot of things that need to be done between making the product and giving it to customers like the estimation for the infrastructure needed including servers, storage area etc and having the ability to scale as users increases. In the closing keynote session, RK Misra stated the keynotes with his career and explained what all the startups, initiatives he made. He used the trailers idea from US to make a mobile house in Japan and became a overnight celebrity and case study for those who want to do business in Japan. Then, he started a company in telecom domain in India when everyone was in the Y2K and outsourcing technology. He made a successful exit from both of them. As a CEO, he needs to travel through out world and he faced problems in air tickets reservation, and this made him to start a air ticket booking website and he was one of the very few who made these attempts and became hit. He planned his life to take retirement at 40 and he done that. Now, he is in socio-political world. He arranged many meetings between business and political people to help public and made many successful mantras. He started a plan in Rajasthan, with the help of this business and political people, that helped villagers to increase their monthly income. He gathered the students who failed in 10th and +2 level and arranged for them coaching as security gaurds, BPOs etc that showed them a bread earning way. He started the website changeindia.in. His message was to be socio-aware entrepreneurs.
In the afternoon, there was a open discussion forum which included a panel with big shots from HP, Infosys, Dell and Yahoo. This was very informative. Slept in the starting and the topic at the time I woke up was - when we need to go to change CEO? and this triggered - do we really agree to have some one who have completely different ideas from founders? Then, next one was - are the today's entrepreneurs ready for the the second challenge once their startup becomes hit? Infosys guy (sorry, I don't remember the name :( ) is one of the founder of Infosys and a close friend of Narayana Murthy shared his experience. In 1989, they went through the phase where they thought to sell the Infosys. In the room, when all the other founders present along with Narayana Murthy, were discussing this and everyone agreed to sell it, as they were not able to continue it. Narayana Murthy told them that he will buy their shares and that made his other friends to be with him, worked a lot, chalked out a plan to go to IPO in 1992. They executed the plan and made to IPO in 1993. Very inspiring one right!! Discussion was going in the lines how the response came from the audience. One more worthy point here is - There is no need for foreigners to invent in food, education, energy areas as they are very much self sufficient of these things and it is us who are facing problem with these and we are the one to invent solutions for these problems. So, instead of providing solution for a problem having a view of a customer whom you doesn't know and doesn't have clear idea, invent the solutions for the problems where you know the customer (end uses) and the people get benefit from that. Here, they were mentioning the mChek idea from Airtel as the Best one. They closed the discussion with the question to panel "What they are expecting can grow in coming future?" Responses were - 1. Development in food, energy, education areas (and I forgot one more area) 2. As mobiles became part of every ones' life now a days, solutions from that angle 3. Information/data analysis (I guess this is something to do with data mining, statistics, pattern recognition etc where lot of banks, stock market people do this)
Penned (Typed) down almost all worthy points that I remember.. going to sleep..

Wednesday 14 May, 2008

Too good!!

My mobile's gprs not working since a week.. Called the airtel helpline and that guy asked my mobile type and told me to restart my mobile.. I was thinking that if it works then everything needs restart to work like the way my product needs.. And also it looks like this guy attended many customer calls like this and should have given them this solution.. This guy's work resembles mine where i need to solve lot of customers issues.. With all these thoughts i restarted my mobile and to my surprise its working.. So guys restart your boxes if u face any issues.. and i guess u guys can expect how im blogging this post.. and one more thing here is browsing through airtel connection is free.. Happy browsing through mobile.. This helps lot for twitterians.. This is one of the good things happened..

Thursday 8 May, 2008


Went to Greeting shop to get one for the colleague who leaving the office. Went through some GoodBye cards, Best Wishes cards etc.. There are type of cards which express Best Wishes for Future, some saying Fare Well with Missing U feeling and many such.. When I was going through them, I was in the feeling like when I leave and if some one gives these type of cards, how I will be feeling.. It was very very difficult.. They are so well written that you can get almost all type of cards with the feelings you want to express..
Found some other cards saying "Do well in the coming examinations, All the Best for preparation" etc.. Again went into imagination like what happens if I give to some one or some one gives to me like these type of cards.. Its really different feeling.. Will that really give the motivation to the receiving end? I guess so..
Ok.. I was searching for something which have Best Wishes along with the Fare Well message with Missing U feeling.. Finally found one superb one..
Went to get a gift too.. Oh God, there are so many varieties of gifts. People are really innovative. And what a time pass also.. Once in a while, doing window watching will be really good..

Saturday 3 May, 2008

10 Avatars

Kamal Hasan's latest movie "Dasavatara" to get released.. an ultimate actor who do different roles and who try to have variety in his movies and do lot of experiments.
In an awards ceremony recently, when Chiranjeevi was receiving his 7th Nandi award and when he got his PadmaBhushana award, he mentioned that this 7th Nandi award to him have its own importance. In the starting days of Chiru's career, he saw awards ceremony where Kamal was receiving his 14th Nandi Award and Chiru thought that when can he become a great actor like Kamal and when can he reach this 14th Nandi award. So, by receiving this 7th Nandi award, he is on his way and reached half the way that Kamal reached some 15 years ago. Doesn't that show what a great actor Kamal is and what a down to earth mentality of Chiru's. Both are great :)
There are many movies from Kamal which are like benchmarks in the industry.
Saw some function of this Dasavatar where Jackie Chan came and the trailer is really great. Eagerly waiting for this movie to come..

Learning is never ending process..

Learned lot of things in last few days.. After seeing puts blog, remembered about going to swimming and having fun.. But i finally ended up in learning swimming.. I went with my fnd and i thought that i can learn it on own and i went alone next time.. For my surprise im able to swim.. Thats my first experience me floating on water.. It was really amazing and i love that moment and its thrilling too as i learnt alone.. I always used to feel jealous wen i c some1 swimming.. Now i can have fun if i go for falls or river or c area for trip.. When i told this to my parents, they are afraid and took my words that i will go and learn in the swimming batch or will be accompanied by fnd who knows swimming..
One more learning is regarding business.. Mind is doing rounds in business world.. Met some experienced guys and learned things there.. Imp thing for any business is finding out the critical points in it..
Professionalism.. I usually dont bother about things that happen to me.. But im losing the things and not receiving the things or chances that need to be received.. So i will try to balance professionalism with my usual way of being kid as it have the fun in it..
My fnds r poor souls on this earth.. I irritate them a lot.. First i got hurt when 1 said that to me but thats actually right and i learned that point..
Paying bills at correct time.. Internet connection at home got cut last week.. Blogging this thru my mobile..
And another regarding companies scrapping the projects.. Project that im working on got scrapped.. First got angry but after knowing the junk reasons behind it, got cooled.. Learnt that, in life these r usual.. And one more sad point here is my teammate is leaving job here..
And many more moments of fun,joy, pressures and sad things in last 10 days..

Monday 21 April, 2008

Overcame of my fear

Everyone might have fear that when they fall from bike, they will have lot of problems, injuries and all etc etc.. 'm sure that if you fall once, then, you won't have that fear. And also, if you hadn't fallen, then, you missed some sort of enjoyment. At the time of falling, you can see lot of images/scenes going through your mind. So, enjoy having a fall from bike, but, make sure that it is not very serious one and it doesn't hurt you very seriously.

Sunday 20 April, 2008

Loading Windows XP

Did anybody observed how many dots will be moving while Windows XP is loading?
>>Update - These dots will be moving saying "Loading" when the XP logo comes on the screen and no text will be there during that time.
I found it as 4. But, I guess there are only 3. By the time, I see the end one and the front one, it is moved by one and that may be the reason I feel it as 4. Illusion?!

Tuesday 1 April, 2008

Human Chain

Found some mobile number on a bus mentioning to contact that number for part time job and in that, it is also mentioned that the job is not regarding marketing. For my friend's need for part time job, I called that number and that guy told me to meet him at Indiranagar on Sunday 11AM. I guessed that part time job means it should be some documentation or some excel work or something else. I think others also might guess in the same way.
I met that person at Indiranagar. Many people were there, where one person is explaining something to a group of 3 or 4 people. He started explaining me about this. He started saying - what is success, how to achieve it and some Rajinikanth, Sachin examples, how they became great people and blah blah blah.. He told that we need to register for this part time job by paying some 5K and take the teaching kit from him to learn how to get success and recommend friends, relatives or someone to take this. We can recommend this kit as this will be useful for every one to improve themselves and they will join also as this is helpful for them. If the person we recommended joins and takes the kit, we will get some money around Rs.900/-. If any person they recommends joins, we will get some money. This way we can earn more money. He said many things drawing some quadrants and all junk and blah blah..
He himself is not settled in his life and he himself not achieved anything in his life and he is suggesting/advising others to achieve it. He is just bluffing others.
Sad point here is many innocent people gets trapped in this. Many like those who are studying and try to do money in part time, those who come in search of job, many middle class people who doesn't have money more than needed for their daily needs and many such. Here people are trying to achieve success with out any work.
I thought of this a lot. People are really so selfish that they can bluff others. Why can't they use this intelligence in doing good things? If they follow the same procedure of doing Human Chain to do good things, many people will get the needy things.
Note: This blog written very long ago but thinking about the matureness of my ideas regarding this and waiting for right time to post this.

Friday 21 March, 2008

Netware Vs(And) Linux

'm a Novell guy. From the title of this post and 'm being a Novell guy, you might have guessed that I enjoyed both the flavors. In this post, I will just try to put some ideas/points that I know about them.
For people new to Netware, here is brief description on it.
Netware - its full name is Novell Netware. It is:
- Non preemptive
- Can be loaded on a very low end machine
- Callback functions that need to be executed will be added to Worker Threads which are maintained by OS
- Processor will be allocated to worker threads to execute the work
Guyz, please correct if any mistakes.
And regarding linux, every one knows. It is preemptive and uses LRU to allocate processor to jobs.
Now, we need to decide when a particular OS can be selected.
As Netware is non preemptive, processor will be executing your work until you block yourself for some input or network packets or yield yourself to release the processor. So, it will be the best to use for servers as the processor will be executing your work and you can yield whenever you want. Also, because of this, we can overcome the unnecessary overhead of waiting to acquire semaphores to enter critical sections. As the Netware can be loaded on very low end machines, even, a low end machine can work as servers where as in the other OS case, you can't think of even loading it.
For general purpose computers, linux will be the best as the response of the programs will be good. And, for servers, if high end machines can be used which is the usual case, linux works great than Netware. If your machine is multi processor and core ones, we need to acquire semaphores to enter critical sections even in Netware. So, once you move to high end machines with multi processor and core ones, Linux should do better than Netware.
Netware can be used as clusters on low end machines as servers, so that, this cluster can be used in fault tolerance, load balancing etc. So, this can be used in distributed systems where the things are duplicated, fault tolerance is needed. So, can be used in distributed file systems like GFS.
Please correct if any mistakes.
What the other design related points in selecting OS?

Thursday 31 January, 2008

How these Scenes impacts India or Next Generation?

There was a lot of investment or we can say over investment at the times of 1996 in lying up the optical cables under the seas because of the Telecommunications Act and due to the taught that Internet Boom grows indefinitely. Demand was there, but, as anything too much is harmful, similar way, here also, due to over investment, they became useless as its not so increasing as time goes on. Once they are laid and no one can remove them, it lead to cheap telephone calls and after that, dot com bubble, Y2K and other past events like India's brain drain, new Finance Laws by Dr.ManMohan Singh helped it to emerge as the back office for US within a short period of time.
After that, again within few years, it became not just as the place of back office but as the part of their offices. New enterprises, new entrepreneurship ideas helped India to emerge as the Key in the field.
Coming to present, US economic recession, Low fundamentals Stock markets, Economic and Political instability have bad effect on the next generation and also on India majorly, unless, they learn to go for new technologies or ideas. Just within a short span of one year, with India's currency becoming strong, impacted India's IT a lot. Won't that show that still we are dependent? Recent news about cut in salaries won't leave a mark that shows we are still dependent? Isn't look like the over investment on optical fibre in 1996 is getting repeated with IT replacing optical fibre. Sure, looks like, there is going to have a burst or end to the upward trend of salaries. So, shouldn't we learn new things or implement new ideas? If so, what are they?
Please correct me if I'm wrong or not aware of some more facts.

Tuesday 29 January, 2008

Methodology/Issues of Blogger's CAPTCHA - Updated

CAPTCHA - Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart. It is nothing but some word verification things that will be found on sites to avoid spam. The idea behind this is - people cannot script to post some data on to the sites unless they fill the text or data in the image they provided. Entered text along with the key will be sent to server for verification and it will permit the request if the entered one matches with the one in the database.

Just found by some browsing, that eBay's captcha can be easily cracked and can be filled with the script. There is an extension for that. I'm sure they may not be reading the image and filling it. They might have found some sort of defect in their implementation.

Just found some on my own on blogger captcha. Blogger captcha's server will generate a key and associate the data that is kept in the image with the key and stores the pair in its database. When the user fills the data and do the submit, server will receive the user filled in data and the key. Server will compare them with the data stored in the database for verification. Once verified, it will be delete that pair from its database. If I get some key data pair and won't use them i.e., don't submit the data to server, we can use it at any time. This part I tested. So, by script, if I'm able to have many submit's to the server very fast using the same key data pair before the server deletes them from its database, we can spam the server with the messages. But, I'm not able to test this with script to see whether I can use the same key data pair multiple times. I want to say that I want to take advantage of the minute time difference between handling the submit request and deleting the key data pair from database.

Also, one more thing here is - by giving the GET requests continously to the server, it will just keep generating the key data pairs and will store them in its database. By doing this, its database of key data pairs can become full. But, I signed saying I won't run scripts on this server, so, I can't run script on this site :)

I have a doubt. How to create/write a program given the text to produce the image having that text in some slanting or some zigzag manner? Hadn't found myself any answers.

We saw the eBay's CAPTCHA got hacked. And, we saw the problems with Blogger's CAPTCHA, I mean, database becoming full (ofcourse, this is not big problem) and the locks etc.. Seeing all these problems what may be the best way of implementing captcha?

"World Is Flat" and "What is Freedom?"

Did Columbus discovered America? I want to say he discovered it by mistake. He wanted to reach India through different way on the command of his kings to flourish or preach their religion and also to find out what Indians and their wealth are upto. But, he reached America and thinking that he found India, went to his kingdom and announced that he discovered World is Round. This was the starting pages of World is Flat book. Nice one. I liked it very much. I recommend everyone to read it. I got inspired by that book or I can say that my dreams just became stronger or became concrete or they got some base by reading this book. It makes you to see the (past, present and future) world differently.

And one more random point I want to put is - What is Freedom? I feel it is something which we cannot explain unless we experience the bonded labor. This word along with some other words good, suitable are all just perceptions, and doesn't have exact meaning. I think even the word Friendship is just perception and doesn't have any meaning as such for it. This point may be some junk. You can overlook this.

I hope many might have read this "World is Flat" book. I need one clarification on one thing: There is an article in that saying a gold mines person posted the data related to his gold mines and posed a challenge to the world "Who ever best models these gold mines and find where the gold is will be awarded with some huge money". My doubt is how the persons without visiting the site can find it?

Wednesday 16 January, 2008

My first blog

This is my first post through my mobile phone Nokia 6030. How nice naa :-) Downloaded opera, gmail client, games, tools and much more junk. May be i will start writing my own applications. Browsing through mobile is so useful. Try it

Thursday 10 January, 2008

Second Life for Me

I don't know what happened in the starting or I don't know where to start. But, point here is - I just got skidded by mistake into a long tunnel with lot of zig zags. Sound of the people outside the tunnel is just going fainter and fainter. I was totally afraid, sweating and I was completely nervous. Then, the darkness also just getting thicker and thicker. I was not able to see the things. This is happening little bit later to sound because light travels faster than sound. I'm still just skidding through the tunnel. I closed my eyes, as not dare enough to see what is going to happen for me. It became little bit difficult even to breath also. But, it was not that worse. I just opened my eyes and saw everything dark. I'm not able to see anything. I was shouting for help. Totally got afraid. Then, suddenly, from somewhere, I heard my friend's voice saying "What happened?" "Don't shout" "Don't get panic". Then, some light ray hit my eyes and just found that I'm in the house just stood on my bed and shouting (not very loudly). He gave me one glass of water and I slept again. Then, I got nice sleep as I got nice dreams.

Tuesday 8 January, 2008

My Random Thoughts in Last Few Days

1. Taare Zameen Par - Nice movie. Great direction, good action and everything is good. Nice subject. Aamir Khan selected a nice subject and he studied a lot for doing this. It improves self confidence and teaches many things. Very good movie..
Taaareeeee Zammeeeeeeeeen Parrrrrrrr
2. gmail Hacking - Gmail security flaw screwed up one designer - Poor guy, got screwed up. Help this guy if you know how to put a case against some one who hacked and got a domain name. From this site, you can reach some other sites where you can find lot number of flaws in the projects.

I thought about many more items to blog. But, I forgot about them. Ok, thats fine.
Is my english improving? No.. not at all :(
But, now, atleast, I guess I'm good at understanding.

Tuesday 1 January, 2008

Get ready to enjoy the Google-Powered Mobile Phones

Oh man.. lot of features built on the Android - the OS used by Google built basically on Linux 2.6 kernel, exposing SDK for development. NVIDIA also joining hands in the open source project to improve the graphics.