Saturday 23 August, 2008

- Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_STRING
Almost always a missing semicolon! Look at the line directly above the line error is reported.

- Some webservers have a problem regarding the "submit" input type names, for ex, submit_btn.

- CAPTCHA implementation through PHP..

This is one post which I thought I will be updating as I find anything interesting in internet.. managed to do it for that day, and failed to continue it.. Very bad :(

Looks like, I missed my september post.. Its better to be empty rather than to have some junk like above..

Is it so??? NO

Wednesday 20 August, 2008

This And... That

Finally, MegaStar Chiranjeevi released the news to press that he is entering politics. He is going to create new type of politics in Andhra i.e., positive politics. Hoping he will get support and do some good work. He is saying that
"Present politicians are doing good but he feels that its not reaching the poor and poor becoming poorer and rich becoming richer." Isn't this show positive politics? Usually, in the politics, we observe one party saying bad about other parties.

Chiranjeevi Zindaabaaad..

- Went to home on last weekend. Was completely at home for complete 2 and half days.. Not even went to the neighbor's house.. :) Good

Thought of writing lot of things.. but sorry.. forgot about them.. and will gather the things regarding the technical learnings that happened last month to put in my next blog.. :) and finally one tip that may be useful

Hair Care
Below are some that I collected from my friends.. no idea how effective they are..
- if waana to apply oil, apply after head bath and drying your hair.. instead of applying after your hair got dust..
- Make sure that your hair is oily before head bath
- Eat mussambi fruits rather than having its juice

Saturday 9 August, 2008

Digitally Surrounded

Went to attend a marriage in Andhra last week.. I was feeling lonely and fear also, as suddenly, I was alone, where as usually, surrounded with lot of people. Nothing to worry, I can manage. But, once I reached that station in marriage place, I got lot of energy as that was the place I used to stay alone through out the night waiting for dawn to catch bus. So, this trip became my eye opener and made me to collect those memories and made me to remember my work.

But, still, no need to fear.. U r rounded up with so many.. :)