Thursday 31 January, 2008

How these Scenes impacts India or Next Generation?

There was a lot of investment or we can say over investment at the times of 1996 in lying up the optical cables under the seas because of the Telecommunications Act and due to the taught that Internet Boom grows indefinitely. Demand was there, but, as anything too much is harmful, similar way, here also, due to over investment, they became useless as its not so increasing as time goes on. Once they are laid and no one can remove them, it lead to cheap telephone calls and after that, dot com bubble, Y2K and other past events like India's brain drain, new Finance Laws by Dr.ManMohan Singh helped it to emerge as the back office for US within a short period of time.
After that, again within few years, it became not just as the place of back office but as the part of their offices. New enterprises, new entrepreneurship ideas helped India to emerge as the Key in the field.
Coming to present, US economic recession, Low fundamentals Stock markets, Economic and Political instability have bad effect on the next generation and also on India majorly, unless, they learn to go for new technologies or ideas. Just within a short span of one year, with India's currency becoming strong, impacted India's IT a lot. Won't that show that still we are dependent? Recent news about cut in salaries won't leave a mark that shows we are still dependent? Isn't look like the over investment on optical fibre in 1996 is getting repeated with IT replacing optical fibre. Sure, looks like, there is going to have a burst or end to the upward trend of salaries. So, shouldn't we learn new things or implement new ideas? If so, what are they?
Please correct me if I'm wrong or not aware of some more facts.

Tuesday 29 January, 2008

Methodology/Issues of Blogger's CAPTCHA - Updated

CAPTCHA - Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart. It is nothing but some word verification things that will be found on sites to avoid spam. The idea behind this is - people cannot script to post some data on to the sites unless they fill the text or data in the image they provided. Entered text along with the key will be sent to server for verification and it will permit the request if the entered one matches with the one in the database.

Just found by some browsing, that eBay's captcha can be easily cracked and can be filled with the script. There is an extension for that. I'm sure they may not be reading the image and filling it. They might have found some sort of defect in their implementation.

Just found some on my own on blogger captcha. Blogger captcha's server will generate a key and associate the data that is kept in the image with the key and stores the pair in its database. When the user fills the data and do the submit, server will receive the user filled in data and the key. Server will compare them with the data stored in the database for verification. Once verified, it will be delete that pair from its database. If I get some key data pair and won't use them i.e., don't submit the data to server, we can use it at any time. This part I tested. So, by script, if I'm able to have many submit's to the server very fast using the same key data pair before the server deletes them from its database, we can spam the server with the messages. But, I'm not able to test this with script to see whether I can use the same key data pair multiple times. I want to say that I want to take advantage of the minute time difference between handling the submit request and deleting the key data pair from database.

Also, one more thing here is - by giving the GET requests continously to the server, it will just keep generating the key data pairs and will store them in its database. By doing this, its database of key data pairs can become full. But, I signed saying I won't run scripts on this server, so, I can't run script on this site :)

I have a doubt. How to create/write a program given the text to produce the image having that text in some slanting or some zigzag manner? Hadn't found myself any answers.

We saw the eBay's CAPTCHA got hacked. And, we saw the problems with Blogger's CAPTCHA, I mean, database becoming full (ofcourse, this is not big problem) and the locks etc.. Seeing all these problems what may be the best way of implementing captcha?

"World Is Flat" and "What is Freedom?"

Did Columbus discovered America? I want to say he discovered it by mistake. He wanted to reach India through different way on the command of his kings to flourish or preach their religion and also to find out what Indians and their wealth are upto. But, he reached America and thinking that he found India, went to his kingdom and announced that he discovered World is Round. This was the starting pages of World is Flat book. Nice one. I liked it very much. I recommend everyone to read it. I got inspired by that book or I can say that my dreams just became stronger or became concrete or they got some base by reading this book. It makes you to see the (past, present and future) world differently.

And one more random point I want to put is - What is Freedom? I feel it is something which we cannot explain unless we experience the bonded labor. This word along with some other words good, suitable are all just perceptions, and doesn't have exact meaning. I think even the word Friendship is just perception and doesn't have any meaning as such for it. This point may be some junk. You can overlook this.

I hope many might have read this "World is Flat" book. I need one clarification on one thing: There is an article in that saying a gold mines person posted the data related to his gold mines and posed a challenge to the world "Who ever best models these gold mines and find where the gold is will be awarded with some huge money". My doubt is how the persons without visiting the site can find it?

Wednesday 16 January, 2008

My first blog

This is my first post through my mobile phone Nokia 6030. How nice naa :-) Downloaded opera, gmail client, games, tools and much more junk. May be i will start writing my own applications. Browsing through mobile is so useful. Try it

Thursday 10 January, 2008

Second Life for Me

I don't know what happened in the starting or I don't know where to start. But, point here is - I just got skidded by mistake into a long tunnel with lot of zig zags. Sound of the people outside the tunnel is just going fainter and fainter. I was totally afraid, sweating and I was completely nervous. Then, the darkness also just getting thicker and thicker. I was not able to see the things. This is happening little bit later to sound because light travels faster than sound. I'm still just skidding through the tunnel. I closed my eyes, as not dare enough to see what is going to happen for me. It became little bit difficult even to breath also. But, it was not that worse. I just opened my eyes and saw everything dark. I'm not able to see anything. I was shouting for help. Totally got afraid. Then, suddenly, from somewhere, I heard my friend's voice saying "What happened?" "Don't shout" "Don't get panic". Then, some light ray hit my eyes and just found that I'm in the house just stood on my bed and shouting (not very loudly). He gave me one glass of water and I slept again. Then, I got nice sleep as I got nice dreams.

Tuesday 8 January, 2008

My Random Thoughts in Last Few Days

1. Taare Zameen Par - Nice movie. Great direction, good action and everything is good. Nice subject. Aamir Khan selected a nice subject and he studied a lot for doing this. It improves self confidence and teaches many things. Very good movie..
Taaareeeee Zammeeeeeeeeen Parrrrrrrr
2. gmail Hacking - Gmail security flaw screwed up one designer - Poor guy, got screwed up. Help this guy if you know how to put a case against some one who hacked and got a domain name. From this site, you can reach some other sites where you can find lot number of flaws in the projects.

I thought about many more items to blog. But, I forgot about them. Ok, thats fine.
Is my english improving? No.. not at all :(
But, now, atleast, I guess I'm good at understanding.

Tuesday 1 January, 2008

Get ready to enjoy the Google-Powered Mobile Phones

Oh man.. lot of features built on the Android - the OS used by Google built basically on Linux 2.6 kernel, exposing SDK for development. NVIDIA also joining hands in the open source project to improve the graphics.