Monday 21 April, 2008

Overcame of my fear

Everyone might have fear that when they fall from bike, they will have lot of problems, injuries and all etc etc.. 'm sure that if you fall once, then, you won't have that fear. And also, if you hadn't fallen, then, you missed some sort of enjoyment. At the time of falling, you can see lot of images/scenes going through your mind. So, enjoy having a fall from bike, but, make sure that it is not very serious one and it doesn't hurt you very seriously.

Sunday 20 April, 2008

Loading Windows XP

Did anybody observed how many dots will be moving while Windows XP is loading?
>>Update - These dots will be moving saying "Loading" when the XP logo comes on the screen and no text will be there during that time.
I found it as 4. But, I guess there are only 3. By the time, I see the end one and the front one, it is moved by one and that may be the reason I feel it as 4. Illusion?!

Tuesday 1 April, 2008

Human Chain

Found some mobile number on a bus mentioning to contact that number for part time job and in that, it is also mentioned that the job is not regarding marketing. For my friend's need for part time job, I called that number and that guy told me to meet him at Indiranagar on Sunday 11AM. I guessed that part time job means it should be some documentation or some excel work or something else. I think others also might guess in the same way.
I met that person at Indiranagar. Many people were there, where one person is explaining something to a group of 3 or 4 people. He started explaining me about this. He started saying - what is success, how to achieve it and some Rajinikanth, Sachin examples, how they became great people and blah blah blah.. He told that we need to register for this part time job by paying some 5K and take the teaching kit from him to learn how to get success and recommend friends, relatives or someone to take this. We can recommend this kit as this will be useful for every one to improve themselves and they will join also as this is helpful for them. If the person we recommended joins and takes the kit, we will get some money around Rs.900/-. If any person they recommends joins, we will get some money. This way we can earn more money. He said many things drawing some quadrants and all junk and blah blah..
He himself is not settled in his life and he himself not achieved anything in his life and he is suggesting/advising others to achieve it. He is just bluffing others.
Sad point here is many innocent people gets trapped in this. Many like those who are studying and try to do money in part time, those who come in search of job, many middle class people who doesn't have money more than needed for their daily needs and many such. Here people are trying to achieve success with out any work.
I thought of this a lot. People are really so selfish that they can bluff others. Why can't they use this intelligence in doing good things? If they follow the same procedure of doing Human Chain to do good things, many people will get the needy things.
Note: This blog written very long ago but thinking about the matureness of my ideas regarding this and waiting for right time to post this.