Wednesday 31 October, 2007

How can this happen? - regarding memory

This article throws light on some memory related use cases. Here, memory and use cases are not computer related terms. They are related to medical field. A lady (use case), as mentioned in that article, can remember each and every frame of her life starting from 11 years age to till now. Now, she is just 85 years young. And one more (other use case) cannot remember anything for long time. Once he wakes up and had breakfast, he will go to bed. Then, again, he will doubt whether he had breakfast or not after woke up, and so, he will have it again. One more point here is - he doesn't remember that he have some memory problem. One more guy after went to hospital with some problem with the brain, that doctor done some experimental treatment as drilling holes above his eyes and etc.. the result was like "he lost some of his memory". This took me to some spells in Harry Potter like "OBLIVIATE". Good. Nice article - worth to go through

Monday 29 October, 2007

Semantic Web

Semantic Web - a nice one. If you allow it, it will collect the information from the places you are visiting and also abt the people taking information from your site and organizes it. It looks to be helpful, isn't it? The product called as Twine. Looks like there is something called as Semantic Web Standards where these type of applications need to follow..
Oh man.. they are using natural language processing algorithms to extract key information from the data you provided. Good Stuff!
And Apple new OS review is here. They are mentioning "Time Machine" as one of its great feature. Is it so? I don't feel. And after that there are some features like parental controls and other junk.. (This is just my impression over that) But, I bet that their UI things might have got improved a lot. One more link related to that is here
Looks like, I keep blogging on the sites I visited, rather than writing some of my own. May be I should have just marked those items as Shared (if possible), right? Is it OK? may be..

Friday 26 October, 2007

sAd mOment :(

Very Sad moment on friday :(
Missed my dance class :(
And wasn't able to fix the issue also.. very bad :(
It was pinching me for a lot of time :(

Interesting links that I came across while browsing:
Order of Birth - shows the research done on how the elder kids and younger kids mentality differs and how they selects and climbs the ladders etc..
Rating Facial Expressions

Wednesday 24 October, 2007

Overcoming tHru

Now-a-days, my heart is heavier than my brain. It keep on increasing its weight. Yesterday, found the way to divert from them and thought of blogging it today. I found myself feel light after reading novels or listening to music or practising dance steps as they keep roaming in my mind. So, I reckon every one to do the work they like, for ex, reading their fav. novels, or blogging or what ever it may be :)

Tuesday 23 October, 2007

Found some interesting link - Binary Patching

For Binary patching, here is the link. Nice idea where you modify the binary files contents. Ofcourse, its not new completely, as already there are ways injecting data into images (I guess this is termed as Watermarking), but, this is useful one.

Saturday 20 October, 2007

tHis cAn be tErmed as BreakThrough in tapping Human's Brain - TEACHING THE TONGUE TO SEE

An awesome article here with brilliant and mindblowing idea. Unable to believe that it is possible to teach a blind person to see with his tounge. Awesome one - connecting electrodes of a camera to the tongue. Here, this electrodes generate a sensation on the toungue with the help of picture captured by camera, and the tongue actually sends the signals to brain making him to see it.
It helps mankind a lot. Its a boon for human kind and specially for blind people who are in depression and can't see and enjoy the beauty of the world. Ofcourse, there are great people who can visualize the things in the better way compared to the things really exists and who are happy and intelligent than the people who can see.
Looks like image processing plays a big role here

Wednesday 17 October, 2007

hOw Google mAps tHe wOrld?

This was my doubt "How Google Maps the World? What its database? What it do?". Found a nice article on this here. These are from that article:
..These images, which are shared by Google Maps, are actually a combination of aerial photos and satellite ­imagery--and a lot of post­processing...
Looks like nothing database as such. Atleast for the current earth positions, it won't use any database. It uses the combination of aerial photos and the images from DigitalGlobe, the company that supplies Google's satellite photos, and do the image processing on them. May be, it need to use some spatial databases to store these and get them again whenever needed.
Below is the image from that article that explains most of the process

Tuesday 16 October, 2007

Technology Review Young Scientists TR35 - INVISIBILITY CLOAK

Technology Review have very good articles. There is one article on Invisibility Cloak . It made grin on my face from this ear to that ear as its a proof for Harry Potter story to come into reality. This may lead to BreakThrough in technology. Some nice fundu statements from article Shedding Light on how our brain recognizes faces
.. unravel the process by combining two of the most important tools in neuroscience: brain imaging and electrical recordings from single neurons.
Some nice articles:
Securing systems cyptographically
Optimizing Networks

List of Young Scientists is here

This "Invisibility Cloak" made me to remember the invisible car in "Die Another Day" James Bond movie also. Their villain wears some special type of spectacles which can track it. That should be X-Ray ones according to this article.

Monday 1 October, 2007

My Xperiences with nOvels

Thought of reading novels, to increase my vocabulary. But, my first attempt made me a Boring Chemistry Lecturer. Its because my first novel was "Arrow Of Time". It went like a semester course for me. Finally, stopped reading it.
Somehow, I got Harry Potter - 3 from my friend and read few pages of it. I became big fan of that. I bought the first 2 books and completed them within 2 weeks. I liked them very much. All the time, the characters were roaming in my mind. ('m usually of that kind where the things will be there in my mind roaming. May be same case with many). I just LOVED them. I think - it increased my communication skills, increased my vocabulary too. (I will try to use them in my blogs)
I was under impression that how people can read novels instead of reading technical books. Now, I got to know why people read novels - it increases the visualizatin power, vocabulary, thinking capacity and communication skills ofcourse. But, any thing exceeding limits will hurt and cause problems. So, Happy Reading nOvels to All :)
I will put some of my favourite phrases from that book in my next blogs :)