Wednesday 14 May, 2008

Too good!!

My mobile's gprs not working since a week.. Called the airtel helpline and that guy asked my mobile type and told me to restart my mobile.. I was thinking that if it works then everything needs restart to work like the way my product needs.. And also it looks like this guy attended many customer calls like this and should have given them this solution.. This guy's work resembles mine where i need to solve lot of customers issues.. With all these thoughts i restarted my mobile and to my surprise its working.. So guys restart your boxes if u face any issues.. and i guess u guys can expect how im blogging this post.. and one more thing here is browsing through airtel connection is free.. Happy browsing through mobile.. This helps lot for twitterians.. This is one of the good things happened..

Thursday 8 May, 2008


Went to Greeting shop to get one for the colleague who leaving the office. Went through some GoodBye cards, Best Wishes cards etc.. There are type of cards which express Best Wishes for Future, some saying Fare Well with Missing U feeling and many such.. When I was going through them, I was in the feeling like when I leave and if some one gives these type of cards, how I will be feeling.. It was very very difficult.. They are so well written that you can get almost all type of cards with the feelings you want to express..
Found some other cards saying "Do well in the coming examinations, All the Best for preparation" etc.. Again went into imagination like what happens if I give to some one or some one gives to me like these type of cards.. Its really different feeling.. Will that really give the motivation to the receiving end? I guess so..
Ok.. I was searching for something which have Best Wishes along with the Fare Well message with Missing U feeling.. Finally found one superb one..
Went to get a gift too.. Oh God, there are so many varieties of gifts. People are really innovative. And what a time pass also.. Once in a while, doing window watching will be really good..

Saturday 3 May, 2008

10 Avatars

Kamal Hasan's latest movie "Dasavatara" to get released.. an ultimate actor who do different roles and who try to have variety in his movies and do lot of experiments.
In an awards ceremony recently, when Chiranjeevi was receiving his 7th Nandi award and when he got his PadmaBhushana award, he mentioned that this 7th Nandi award to him have its own importance. In the starting days of Chiru's career, he saw awards ceremony where Kamal was receiving his 14th Nandi Award and Chiru thought that when can he become a great actor like Kamal and when can he reach this 14th Nandi award. So, by receiving this 7th Nandi award, he is on his way and reached half the way that Kamal reached some 15 years ago. Doesn't that show what a great actor Kamal is and what a down to earth mentality of Chiru's. Both are great :)
There are many movies from Kamal which are like benchmarks in the industry.
Saw some function of this Dasavatar where Jackie Chan came and the trailer is really great. Eagerly waiting for this movie to come..

Learning is never ending process..

Learned lot of things in last few days.. After seeing puts blog, remembered about going to swimming and having fun.. But i finally ended up in learning swimming.. I went with my fnd and i thought that i can learn it on own and i went alone next time.. For my surprise im able to swim.. Thats my first experience me floating on water.. It was really amazing and i love that moment and its thrilling too as i learnt alone.. I always used to feel jealous wen i c some1 swimming.. Now i can have fun if i go for falls or river or c area for trip.. When i told this to my parents, they are afraid and took my words that i will go and learn in the swimming batch or will be accompanied by fnd who knows swimming..
One more learning is regarding business.. Mind is doing rounds in business world.. Met some experienced guys and learned things there.. Imp thing for any business is finding out the critical points in it..
Professionalism.. I usually dont bother about things that happen to me.. But im losing the things and not receiving the things or chances that need to be received.. So i will try to balance professionalism with my usual way of being kid as it have the fun in it..
My fnds r poor souls on this earth.. I irritate them a lot.. First i got hurt when 1 said that to me but thats actually right and i learned that point..
Paying bills at correct time.. Internet connection at home got cut last week.. Blogging this thru my mobile..
And another regarding companies scrapping the projects.. Project that im working on got scrapped.. First got angry but after knowing the junk reasons behind it, got cooled.. Learnt that, in life these r usual.. And one more sad point here is my teammate is leaving job here..
And many more moments of fun,joy, pressures and sad things in last 10 days..