Tuesday 14 August, 2007

What the HELL is happening on this Earth? :-(

Series of :-c, :-< and :-|| events


Puthali said...

were you by ne chance referring to those bomb blasts in Hyd...tht was a very very sad affair indeed...
'n yeah i have no answer to ur Q... :(

Vishnu said...

yeah, sort of referring to those.. but not only those.. This was my pending blog since 2 weeks.. Some 2 weeks back, there was headlines in newspaper referring to theft of kidneys in hospitals from poor people. Its very saddening news. More than that, police is not ready to investigate on this. They want orders from politicians. Once they get the orders, they will look into the issue whether to start investigation or not. Its totally junk :-||
On the same day, one more headlines was India won the series