Friday 11 July, 2008

My experiments with vmware.

Tried vmware on SLES 9 SP3 (no one on this earth might be using that as their desktop). I know I'm weird as my box disk usage at 98% utilization and having very poor work environment. vmware is working if I have one bridge configured on one physical ethernet card. When I try configuring bridges on multiple cards, it works, but, once I restart the vmware or the box, I'm losing those bridges. But, ps -aef was showing me somethings regarding vmnet-bridge. With the help of my friends at office, found that ifconfig doesn't show the bridge networks and ps -aef only shows the bridge networks. Done lot of junk by uninstalling and installing rpms, changing some files and all, so finally, it moved into a state where I can't install or uninstall the rpms.
Finally, found that SLES 9 SP3 have issues with vmware.
So, just rebooted into my SLED 10 partition which I installed a year ago (and upto now, I was using this partition as my data server) and tried my luck there with vmware. Here, I'm not able to activate both of my network cards at a time. It is allowing me to have only one active card and now working with only bridge.

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