Friday, 1 June, 2007

Split Pannel - Xn for Firefox

I don't know, but, somehow I like these extensions very much (may be becz they are very smart). I got introduced to these by Ramki (my buddy at Novell). Today, while Googling, thought of some extension for browser that splits it like 'vi's split or vsplit' command does, so that, instead of opening every link in new tab and close them again one by one, we can have it in the same screen but divided. Looks like this "Split Pannel" extension will do that work. I installed it but yet to look how it works. For this, I need to close my browser but I rarely do this (ofcourse, I have the "session manager" extension to firefox which will open all my closed tabs at a time).
I guess this "Split Pannel" should work and solve my issue (its not a big issue, but, still an issue) :)
Too much, in a single day, I wrote 2 blogs. Ofcourse, this what usually happens, afterwards, I won't blog for many days. Tomorrow, I will blog on Google Maps.


Ramki said...

Very useful extension. And lemme wish you the very best in your efforts in keeping up your blog active :)

Vishnu said...

Thanks a lot Ramki. I will Try My Best :)

Vishnu said...

Finally, restarted my browser. In my view, "Split Pannel" is junk. It is making my browser to crash left and right. "Split Browser" looks cool. It do the same work as "Split Pannel". I recommend "Split Browser" to "Split Pannel".