Thursday 22 November, 2007

Customized Newspaper

Blogging after a long time.. had been a little busy, I guess, these times.. ok..
Point is - again, looks like, one of my old junk idea is patented by Google :(
It is Google Magazine. I was thinking to have a newspaper in the way the reader wanted, i.e, based on his interests. Some may think business news should come in main paper and some may think sports should come in the main paper. Finally, wanted to say is - newspaper/magazine should be in the interest of the end user i.e., the reader.
They gave the caption as "Customization of Content and Advertisements in Publications.” They covered a lot in their patent like revenue in ads etc.
I just got this idea and mailed myself to work on it before 2005 July itself, but, never done it :( One problem you can see here is - printing. Google guyz patented it in 2006. I think they don't want to make it as a product. I guess - they want to enjoy the royality.
Whatever it may be, once again, I lost my chance, that too, to Google itself. I don't know whether I should feel happy or not.
One qn - can I ask royalty from Google by showing that mail? Waiting for responses

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Puthali said... you cant :)