Monday, 5 November, 2007

Nice movies that I watched

Watched 2 nice movies in the recent days - "Happy Days" and "Aakali Raajyam" - both are telugu movies :)
"Happy Days" - all about the college days. Haa man, awesome movie.. Nice fun filled one. How the ragging and how the friends will be moving and the fun moments between them and of course LOVE also are shown in the movie (many more fun scenes are there). But, I expected still more fun scenes in classrooms other than LOVE.
Totally, different from the above one is - "Aakali Rajyam" - Kamal Hasan's old movie in K.Balachander's direction. Ultimate piece of his creation - showing the problems faced by people searching for jobs (I hadn't mentioned all here). In that, there was one conversation, as,
A: Don't you have lunch?
B: We will have it once in a while.
What a heart touching one right! There are many such scenes and many communist related dialogues. Lot of problems they will be facing by him
But, I guess, its not the case now a days. Atleast, I can say it reduced a lot. Not that much unemployment, but still a lot. May be because of this, after watching the "Happy Days" movie, we prepared one more story saying "Jolly Days" - the next 4 years after B.Tech like the accommodation at the time of searching for jobs, attending interviews, initial days in office, facing the manager, house owners, going for trips, and some helping the family and finally entering the marriage phase etc.. (I hadn't mentioned a lot here) Aren't they jolly days if you got a right bunch of people around you - starting from your roommates, owners, office colleagues, your team, manager.. hmm.. and girl friend too
But, it is this bunch of people's responsibility to consider country's growth, involving in socialistic activities, inflation and everything and at the same time, enjoying :)

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