Wednesday 31 October, 2007

How can this happen? - regarding memory

This article throws light on some memory related use cases. Here, memory and use cases are not computer related terms. They are related to medical field. A lady (use case), as mentioned in that article, can remember each and every frame of her life starting from 11 years age to till now. Now, she is just 85 years young. And one more (other use case) cannot remember anything for long time. Once he wakes up and had breakfast, he will go to bed. Then, again, he will doubt whether he had breakfast or not after woke up, and so, he will have it again. One more point here is - he doesn't remember that he have some memory problem. One more guy after went to hospital with some problem with the brain, that doctor done some experimental treatment as drilling holes above his eyes and etc.. the result was like "he lost some of his memory". This took me to some spells in Harry Potter like "OBLIVIATE". Good. Nice article - worth to go through

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