Tuesday, 8 January, 2008

My Random Thoughts in Last Few Days

1. Taare Zameen Par - Nice movie. Great direction, good action and everything is good. Nice subject. Aamir Khan selected a nice subject and he studied a lot for doing this. It improves self confidence and teaches many things. Very good movie..
Taaareeeee Zammeeeeeeeeen Parrrrrrrr
2. gmail Hacking - Gmail security flaw screwed up one designer - Poor guy, got screwed up. Help this guy if you know how to put a case against some one who hacked and got a domain name. From this site, you can reach some other sites where you can find lot number of flaws in the projects.

I thought about many more items to blog. But, I forgot about them. Ok, thats fine.
Is my english improving? No.. not at all :(
But, now, atleast, I guess I'm good at understanding.

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