Tuesday 29 January, 2008

"World Is Flat" and "What is Freedom?"

Did Columbus discovered America? I want to say he discovered it by mistake. He wanted to reach India through different way on the command of his kings to flourish or preach their religion and also to find out what Indians and their wealth are upto. But, he reached America and thinking that he found India, went to his kingdom and announced that he discovered World is Round. This was the starting pages of World is Flat book. Nice one. I liked it very much. I recommend everyone to read it. I got inspired by that book or I can say that my dreams just became stronger or became concrete or they got some base by reading this book. It makes you to see the (past, present and future) world differently.

And one more random point I want to put is - What is Freedom? I feel it is something which we cannot explain unless we experience the bonded labor. This word along with some other words good, suitable are all just perceptions, and doesn't have exact meaning. I think even the word Friendship is just perception and doesn't have any meaning as such for it. This point may be some junk. You can overlook this.

I hope many might have read this "World is Flat" book. I need one clarification on one thing: There is an article in that saying a gold mines person posted the data related to his gold mines and posed a challenge to the world "Who ever best models these gold mines and find where the gold is will be awarded with some huge money". My doubt is how the persons without visiting the site can find it?


Puthali said...

ah so tht was ur inspiration... ;)
ne chance of me borrowing tht book?

'n coming to freedom, i don't think one needs to experience bonded labor...thrs just so many aspects to what being free means...being a girl and still having the freedom to have/air one's opinions, which sadly even in today's world, is not seen in all households/cultures...then of course you have the restricted freedom like in China...or the skewed freedom like in America...Coming to smaller things in life, freedom to stayback late 'n so on... :)

Ah exact meaning...now tht my friend unless its mathematical language, its very tough to have...'n english language, you must be kidding! :)

Anonymous said...

I told you naa its not inspiration, its something which thrown some light or gave some idea..