Monday 5 April, 2010

FYI regarding platelets

Drinking juice made of papaya tree leaves makes blood platelets count shootup much much faster. My friend was suffering from dengue fever and his blood platelets count had dropped close to critical. He was administered platelets(which is an expensive process too) but it was not working much. His family members searched on internet and found that papaya leaves juice will help a lotttttt. He was given that and even doctors in Apollo were surprised to see the result. The taste of the juice will be highly bitter so just mix lemon juice with it to have a better taste. Doctors were taking his blood samples every 4hrs to see the effect and after taking 5teaspoon full of the juice, it was doing wonders.
Information source: My friend Krishna Mohan


Jency said... gonna share this one :)

Insanity said...

'm surprised that team of doctors from Apollo cudn't find any alternative medicine for dropping platelets !!