Wednesday 28 April, 2010

IndianRail - Frustration

I booked a tatkal rail ticket from the counter thinking that
- there will be more quota at the counter
- if the ticket is in waiting list, this ticket will be given preference compared to eticket.
I'm sure about second point, but not sure about first point.
But, now, I lost the ticket. I have the PNR number, Xerox copy, photo ID card and so approached counter to take the duplicate ticket.
Here, to provide a duplicate ticket, they are charging half the ticket fare. Its too huge penalty just to print a ticket. They are sucking the blood.
This was for my wife - so I just paid the money and took the ticket in order not for any problem for her during travel. If it was for my travel, I should have just took the xerox copy and the photo ID card.
So, if any one face this problem and ready to fight with TC, take these and say you lost the ticket while climbing the train.
Can any one help me in complaining about the huge penalty for duplicate ticket?

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