Sunday 10 June, 2007

Abt Tomcat and Comparision between that and my project

Note: This may not be useful for those who know abt Tomcat.
Had a small discussion in my room with my friends. They are working on jsp's, servlets and tomcat. They were asking qn's like - on what requests, tomcat won't support redirection? how to set that header? and how to do the redirections etc.... I was not knowing abt tomcat previously. By listening at those qns, I got some idea on that. Here is a small update for those who doesn't know what is tomcat.
Its nothing but a server which can be used to implement webservers. It will receives request coming from the browser and allows the following things to be done by programmer on that request:
- to analyze the received request's headers (HttpServerRequest class will help us)
- to make the response for browser based on that (HttpServerResponse class will help us)

<'m not getting time to complete this. I will post remaining after some days>


Puthali said...

after some days...when?

Vishnu said...

in a couple of days :D