Saturday 3 May, 2008

10 Avatars

Kamal Hasan's latest movie "Dasavatara" to get released.. an ultimate actor who do different roles and who try to have variety in his movies and do lot of experiments.
In an awards ceremony recently, when Chiranjeevi was receiving his 7th Nandi award and when he got his PadmaBhushana award, he mentioned that this 7th Nandi award to him have its own importance. In the starting days of Chiru's career, he saw awards ceremony where Kamal was receiving his 14th Nandi Award and Chiru thought that when can he become a great actor like Kamal and when can he reach this 14th Nandi award. So, by receiving this 7th Nandi award, he is on his way and reached half the way that Kamal reached some 15 years ago. Doesn't that show what a great actor Kamal is and what a down to earth mentality of Chiru's. Both are great :)
There are many movies from Kamal which are like benchmarks in the industry.
Saw some function of this Dasavatar where Jackie Chan came and the trailer is really great. Eagerly waiting for this movie to come..

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