Saturday, 3 May, 2008

Learning is never ending process..

Learned lot of things in last few days.. After seeing puts blog, remembered about going to swimming and having fun.. But i finally ended up in learning swimming.. I went with my fnd and i thought that i can learn it on own and i went alone next time.. For my surprise im able to swim.. Thats my first experience me floating on water.. It was really amazing and i love that moment and its thrilling too as i learnt alone.. I always used to feel jealous wen i c some1 swimming.. Now i can have fun if i go for falls or river or c area for trip.. When i told this to my parents, they are afraid and took my words that i will go and learn in the swimming batch or will be accompanied by fnd who knows swimming..
One more learning is regarding business.. Mind is doing rounds in business world.. Met some experienced guys and learned things there.. Imp thing for any business is finding out the critical points in it..
Professionalism.. I usually dont bother about things that happen to me.. But im losing the things and not receiving the things or chances that need to be received.. So i will try to balance professionalism with my usual way of being kid as it have the fun in it..
My fnds r poor souls on this earth.. I irritate them a lot.. First i got hurt when 1 said that to me but thats actually right and i learned that point..
Paying bills at correct time.. Internet connection at home got cut last week.. Blogging this thru my mobile..
And another regarding companies scrapping the projects.. Project that im working on got scrapped.. First got angry but after knowing the junk reasons behind it, got cooled.. Learnt that, in life these r usual.. And one more sad point here is my teammate is leaving job here..
And many more moments of fun,joy, pressures and sad things in last 10 days..


Puthali said...

thts a long post to type on mobile! :)
'n yeah 'you live, you learn'...have u hrd tht song? if not u shd its amazing, 'n check out the lyrics
btw whos leaving?

Vishnu said...

Ravi.. Last day may 2nd week

Insanity said...

hmm.. "Self Evolution" :P