Wednesday, 14 May, 2008

Too good!!

My mobile's gprs not working since a week.. Called the airtel helpline and that guy asked my mobile type and told me to restart my mobile.. I was thinking that if it works then everything needs restart to work like the way my product needs.. And also it looks like this guy attended many customer calls like this and should have given them this solution.. This guy's work resembles mine where i need to solve lot of customers issues.. With all these thoughts i restarted my mobile and to my surprise its working.. So guys restart your boxes if u face any issues.. and i guess u guys can expect how im blogging this post.. and one more thing here is browsing through airtel connection is free.. Happy browsing through mobile.. This helps lot for twitterians.. This is one of the good things happened..

1 comment:

Puthali said...

same post 3 times?!!!
'n i don't know wht u mean by me nothing in this world comes for free...