Thursday 8 May, 2008


Went to Greeting shop to get one for the colleague who leaving the office. Went through some GoodBye cards, Best Wishes cards etc.. There are type of cards which express Best Wishes for Future, some saying Fare Well with Missing U feeling and many such.. When I was going through them, I was in the feeling like when I leave and if some one gives these type of cards, how I will be feeling.. It was very very difficult.. They are so well written that you can get almost all type of cards with the feelings you want to express..
Found some other cards saying "Do well in the coming examinations, All the Best for preparation" etc.. Again went into imagination like what happens if I give to some one or some one gives to me like these type of cards.. Its really different feeling.. Will that really give the motivation to the receiving end? I guess so..
Ok.. I was searching for something which have Best Wishes along with the Fare Well message with Missing U feeling.. Finally found one superb one..
Went to get a gift too.. Oh God, there are so many varieties of gifts. People are really innovative. And what a time pass also.. Once in a while, doing window watching will be really good..

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