Monday 1 October, 2007

My Xperiences with nOvels

Thought of reading novels, to increase my vocabulary. But, my first attempt made me a Boring Chemistry Lecturer. Its because my first novel was "Arrow Of Time". It went like a semester course for me. Finally, stopped reading it.
Somehow, I got Harry Potter - 3 from my friend and read few pages of it. I became big fan of that. I bought the first 2 books and completed them within 2 weeks. I liked them very much. All the time, the characters were roaming in my mind. ('m usually of that kind where the things will be there in my mind roaming. May be same case with many). I just LOVED them. I think - it increased my communication skills, increased my vocabulary too. (I will try to use them in my blogs)
I was under impression that how people can read novels instead of reading technical books. Now, I got to know why people read novels - it increases the visualizatin power, vocabulary, thinking capacity and communication skills ofcourse. But, any thing exceeding limits will hurt and cause problems. So, Happy Reading nOvels to All :)
I will put some of my favourite phrases from that book in my next blogs :)

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Vijesh said...

So joining the HP community is it! Even I tried reading few, but nvr completed one. "Better than reading technical books" seems your chemistry has changed you..