Monday 29 October, 2007

Semantic Web

Semantic Web - a nice one. If you allow it, it will collect the information from the places you are visiting and also abt the people taking information from your site and organizes it. It looks to be helpful, isn't it? The product called as Twine. Looks like there is something called as Semantic Web Standards where these type of applications need to follow..
Oh man.. they are using natural language processing algorithms to extract key information from the data you provided. Good Stuff!
And Apple new OS review is here. They are mentioning "Time Machine" as one of its great feature. Is it so? I don't feel. And after that there are some features like parental controls and other junk.. (This is just my impression over that) But, I bet that their UI things might have got improved a lot. One more link related to that is here
Looks like, I keep blogging on the sites I visited, rather than writing some of my own. May be I should have just marked those items as Shared (if possible), right? Is it OK? may be..


Puthali said...

yeah,sharing on reader will do just fine but if its something u consider important, then u can always blog with your views :)

Vishnu said...

@Puthali - Thanx.. Pointed noted.. Do I need to mention this?

Vishnu said...

just testing whether this appears on google reader