Saturday 20 October, 2007

tHis cAn be tErmed as BreakThrough in tapping Human's Brain - TEACHING THE TONGUE TO SEE

An awesome article here with brilliant and mindblowing idea. Unable to believe that it is possible to teach a blind person to see with his tounge. Awesome one - connecting electrodes of a camera to the tongue. Here, this electrodes generate a sensation on the toungue with the help of picture captured by camera, and the tongue actually sends the signals to brain making him to see it.
It helps mankind a lot. Its a boon for human kind and specially for blind people who are in depression and can't see and enjoy the beauty of the world. Ofcourse, there are great people who can visualize the things in the better way compared to the things really exists and who are happy and intelligent than the people who can see.
Looks like image processing plays a big role here


Vijesh said...

Stunning video!
Indeed a great break through. You are a semi geek! Nt neard.

Vishnu said...

@ Vijesh: Thanks man for ur compliments
And just got an idea:
can we do the similar way to deaf and dum people also? can we extend this to any range of activities? after all, everything is sending a signal to the brains :)
Just a thought