Tuesday 16 October, 2007

Technology Review Young Scientists TR35 - INVISIBILITY CLOAK

Technology Review have very good articles. There is one article on Invisibility Cloak . It made grin on my face from this ear to that ear as its a proof for Harry Potter story to come into reality. This may lead to BreakThrough in technology. Some nice fundu statements from article Shedding Light on how our brain recognizes faces
.. unravel the process by combining two of the most important tools in neuroscience: brain imaging and electrical recordings from single neurons.
Some nice articles:
Securing systems cyptographically
Optimizing Networks

List of Young Scientists is here

This "Invisibility Cloak" made me to remember the invisible car in "Die Another Day" James Bond movie also. Their villain wears some special type of spectacles which can track it. That should be X-Ray ones according to this article.

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