Friday 26 October, 2007

sAd mOment :(

Very Sad moment on friday :(
Missed my dance class :(
And wasn't able to fix the issue also.. very bad :(
It was pinching me for a lot of time :(

Interesting links that I came across while browsing:
Order of Birth - shows the research done on how the elder kids and younger kids mentality differs and how they selects and climbs the ladders etc..
Rating Facial Expressions


Puthali said...

ah sad indeed...
btw 'pinching me'? hmm...'m not sure u can use it tht way in english...
'n regarding Rating facial expressions, i rem coming across an ad for a camera, in which you can configure to take pictures only when u r smiling, guess it uses similar technology..

Vishnu said...

@Puthali: then that type of cameras are very much useful for you ;)

Vishnu said...

the below meaning of it looks like allows to use pinching in that way also:
- A painful, difficult, or straitened circumstance: felt the pinch of the recession.